More About Me

Hi there! I’m Amanda. This is me.

Here I am with my really, really good-looking husband Brett. He’s a real gem. With his consent, a great deal of this blog is about our life together.

Here he is looking good all by himself.

Our pets, Stella and Fatty, want to be everywhere we are, all the time. We love them, but they do puke on our stuff. This and infertility are two of the reasons we don’t have children.

I once thought this was a lifestyle blog and if you scroll through the archives, you’ll see evidence of that. If you look carefully, you’ll also find ableist-language, digital black-face, and other relics of my early and mid-20s. It’s tempting to delete all that and wipe the slate clean, but I was on to something when I launched this blog back in 2012.

The content of our adult lives is often messy and explicit. Our pursuit of contentment brings us through intersections of imitation, misinformation, and harm. But if we carry on, our feet find firmer ground. Values are rooted. Convictions become clear. So that’s what this space is about: I’ll share my stories, transparently, through the lens of learning. I’m going to be my full self, and I invite you to do the same.

Thanks for being here.

3 thoughts on “More About Me

  1. Hi Amanda! I wonder if you’d be up to participating in an interview project I have called Allegory? You can find more here:

    If you’re interested, shoot me an email… I ran across your blog reading up on wardrobe capsules and I think you have an interesting point of view that I’d love to share in my series. 🙂

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