52 Drawings, Week 5



Week 5 Drawing for Paper Mama 52 Weeks of Drawing Challenge.


week 5-1


I used Chelsea’s profile illustrations to help guide me. I really like her style of illustration.

I looked at this picture of myself in profile to figure out what I look like from the side. I took the liberty of ignoring the double chin.

(Note, if you were wondering where my nose comes from.. uh HELLO!)



52 Drawings, Week 4

Here’s my week four drawing for the Paper Mama 52 Weeks of Drawings challenge.

It’s a four legged friend:

It’s basically my version of this drawing right here.

Have you guys caught on to the trend yet? I can’t actually draw. I can copy. So I guess that’s something. It isn’t really drawing, but it’s something.

Except, I’m not really getting better or learning anything new because I’m just doing what I can already do. I guess I do go through several versions before I settle on the one I’m going to post on the blog though. Is that something too?

52 Drawings, Week 2

So, here’s my drawing for week 2 of my 52 Weeks of Drawing Challenge from The Paper Mama.

It’s a self portrait:

It doesn’t really look like me. I mean, I have a nose. 

On the plus side, Brett saw this stuck to our bulletin board and said- “Who drew this picture of you?” So that bodes well.

Also, by the time this posts I’ll be in Bloomington, Indiana with the hubs. Yay for mini vacations!

52 Weeks of Drawing

Who’s up for another challenge in 2013? THIS GIRL IS!

(By the way, shout out to my home girl Sarah who is taking on what I consider to be the ultimate challenge- a raw foods diet and a spending fast! She’s doing super awesome too!)

I’m kinda sorta loving my 52 Photos project. Has it only been 2 weeks? Sure. Isn’t that hardly enough time to tell if you are committed to something? Probably. Who cares?! Let’s do some more.

Another blog I really love is The Paper Mama. And when I was lurking (a Rachel term) recently, I came across this:

So let me say this-I’m not a particularly gifted artist. In fact, I’m pretty mediocre  I have decent penmanship. So I’m not doing this challenge because drawing is an actual skill I have. I just really adore hand drawn illustrations. The likelihood that I’ll fall in love with your blog increases 10 fold if you include hand drawn illustrations (your own or someone else’s.)

So I’m doing this challenge because I like to draw and I want to get better. I want to be an illustration whizz kid. And I’m really excited about it. Also, it will give me something else to look forward to other than taking a photo of myself once a week!

I’ll be using Chelsey’s hastag #PM52weeks when I post, as well as my own #52drawings (ya know, like #52photos).

I’m already a week behind, so I’ll be posting two drawings this week, my first today and the second tomorrow. So without further delay, here’s my first drawing for week one:

This is my “My Choice” drawing. I saw a Valentine with a hedgehog on it on Pinterest, and I decided I would try my hand at a hedgehog. It’s sitting on an ottoman. (In case you couldn’t tell.)