52 Photos, Week 16



This week’s story: Sometimes you just need to take a work bathroom pic. That’s today. Mostly because for the first time in almost 30 pounds, I can tell that I look a little thinner. I have been whining a lot lately because I feel like if someone else had lost the weight I have lost, their look would be so drastically different. I don’t look that different. But, I am not someone else. I am just me. I look how I look and it is coming off in the way it is coming off.

That said, I have always had a bit of a pooch and always been a bit self conscious about tucking in my shirt, but I feel really nice in this outfit. I can tell I’m slimming down in my belly. That’s a nice feeling.

5K this weekend! It is a rainy week here, so I am praying for a break in the precipitation so I can get out for some runs!

52 Photos, Week 15

week 15

This week’s story: Well, I am another week behind. No sweat, this photo project is just for fun. (Though the unfortunate narrative of my life is increasingly becoming, “getting behind.”) I’m really just trying to plug along. In my health, at home, at work. I am seeking some divine inspiration. I feel like my thoughts have been a flurry of prayer lately. “God help me. Help me. Help me.” I am not flailing, so much as stalling. Idling.

Phew, that was cryptic. Ever just feel in a funk? I think I am in a funk.

How do you reignite yourself? How do you find focus? How do you direct your drive? All advice is wanted and welcome. Happy rainy Wednesday!

52 Photos, Week 13


This week’s story: I love blogging, you guys. I really really do. But sometimes it is really hard to stay on top of! Life happens- you take a trip for the weekend, you work a long day, you get distracted. Next thing you know it’s been almost a week and a half since you have posted. I know my absence has not gone completely unnoticed (hey Jer!) so I appreciate that people are interested enough in what I have going on to care (hey again Jer!) I’m getting back on track this week (with blogging, with running, with eating, with everything.) So, stay tuned. I have lots to share.


52 Photos, Week 12

week 12

This week’s story: Y’all. I am getting tired of this winter weather. Today is the first day of spring and it snowed. I am wearing a flower in my hair anyway.

This week it has been a challenge to follow my commitment to Lent. I have found myself almost-sort-oh-kinda signing up to do more. Thank goodness kickboxing cut a meeting short on Monday night because I almost violated my sacrifice in a BIG way by volunteering to take on another project. I sort of did violate it earlier in the week by agreeing to take notes and send reminders for a committee I am on. I know that sounds silly because c’mon- that is not a big deal at all. But you have to understand what a slippery slope that sort of thing can be for me. My biggest priority right now is my marriage and my health and I want to be cautious of distractions (no matter how good the intentions). I am trying to be the Amanda that God created. The best version of myself, but His version, not mine. I am weary of blind ambition, achievement for the sake of itself, the pursuit of more. By giving up goals, projects, and new responsibilities, I am trying to seek peace. Within myself and without.


52 Photos, Week 11

week eleven

This week’s story: Another good morning photo. Brett is traveling for work this week so I am holding down the fort with Stella and Fatty. Have you read any of the recent articles from The Atlantic about house work? (Here and here.) [<- For the record, I thought they were both good.] Anyway, at our house making coffee falls distinctly into the category of “Brett Work.” I am not entirely sure why but he makes the coffee every morning (or before bed, rather) and when he is gone, I typically cannot be bothered to attempt making it for myself. I know how. I can. I just don’t.

But I did today. Brett left Monday and was darling enough to get a pot ready for me to drink on Tuesday morning. Having a quiet cup of coffee yesterday morning was so pleasant, I could not resist having a second go-round today.

Yes folks, this week’s story is that I made a pot of coffee. Can you tell there has not been much excitement in my life lately? (Editor’s note: THANK GOD!)


52 Photos, Week 10

week 10

Apologies for being a week behind! Time to get back on track…

This week’s story: I’m borrowing an Instagram selfie that I posted on Facebook yesterday because the story is just good. After my lunch break yesterday I rode my bike back to work for my first ever commute via bicycle! The weather was just a little chilly but the sun was out and I couldn’t resist. One leg of the trip is just about 2 miles and at my very leisurely pace it only takes about 15 minutes. Until the weather warms up, I’ll probably stick to the lunch time routine, but it’s a great way to get some very organic exercise. After reading this article on NPR, it made me realize how important that really is. My life is only going to get more complicated from this point forward, so I want to build these lifestyle habits now! 

(Also, I’ve quit my 52 Drawings Challenge. I’m challenged enough. Meh.) 

52 Photos, Week 7

week sevenThis week’s story: Last night I forgot to take my weekly photo, so I decided to do it first thing this morning right after I woke up. The result was the fine photo you see above. This, ladies and gentleman, is what I look like basically every morning. What a dream. Aren’t bangs the best?

52 Photos, Week 6


This week’s story: A new workout jacket, a long ponytail, and the smell of chlorine. I’ve started swimming at least once a week and it’s quickly becoming my favorite form of exercise. I don’t actually swim laps- really, I walk them. I also use those foam dumbbells and get a great arm workout. My triceps are going to kick ass.


52 Photos, Week 5

week 5


This week’s story: Eating leftover husband cake with my new blog format reflecting in my glasses. I spent my evening getting everything switched over and customized, so allow this to be my first welcome! I’m really pleased with the new look. You?