Christmas/New Year’s Eve

I had a really amazing holiday. Of course, I forgot to take as many photos as I would have liked, but here’s a nice sampling of my Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

I got really excited when it snowed- We had a White Christmas!

We watched a lot of classic Christmas Shows!

I also did some fun Christmasy work stuff- like showing The Muppet Christmas Carol…

And walking in our First Annual Christmas Parade with my friend’s adorable daughter Macy.

There was a LOT of this..

And wrapping, eating, drinking, playing:

Our Christmas Eve Tradition- Chinese food! 

Christmas morning-

(Every Christmas morning we’ve ever spent together, I get out my camera and Brett exclaims, “Are you going to take pictures of me?!” The answer is always, “Uhm, yes.”)

I felt like a princess when I unwrapped this! My favorite..
Hanging out at Brett’s parents 

 And spending some awesome quality time with a couple of our favorites (Fries and Rachel and Kyle)

New Years Eve meant a new hair cut and some fun in Des Moines!

Confession: I still have not taken down a single Christmas decoration. Really hoping to tackle it this weekend but man! I really lost my fire for it!

A Heart Attack

I spotted this idea on Pinterest earlier in the summer and KNEW I wanted to use it. I love sending mail and most of all, I like letting the people I love know how important they are to me.

What better way to say I love you than sending a Heart Attack? I picked up a gift box that I didn’t end up needing at Hobby Lobby so I decided a Heart Attack would be the perfect use for it. This one went to Brett’s mama and papa. We don’t see them as much as we would like and parents are pretty important people. You shouldn’t wait for Valentine’s Day or any other holiday to let them know how much you love them.

 The best part of this project is that you almost certainly have the supplies on hand. I just used several pages of scrapbook paper. 

 Cut. Cut. Cut. Cut. Cut. I didn’t use a pattern. I just free-handed it. It took most of an evening, but I just snipped away while Brett and I watched Beverly Hills Cop. 

 Definitely write a love note at the bottom of your box! Dumping out the box really drives home the “attack” in my opinion. 

I wrote some simple instructions, closed the box, and sent it on its way! 
We hope they loved it as much as we love them! Don’t wait until Christmas- surprise somebody you care about with a heart attack! 

Back in the Saddle

Well I’ve returned to the world of blogging. Won’t lie- it was a nice vacation. BUT! Now I’m back and I’m totally ready to over-share and under-perform for my captive audience.

Isn’t Thanksgiving the bomb? Or da bomb, rather. I just love it. So much food. So much family. I love my Iowa family and I don’t get up to see them enough so when I do, it’s a great treat. Food was awesome and I was so busy eating I neglected to take any photos.

Friday we drove to Kansas City to be with Brett’s family for the rest of the weekend. It was our first trip to KC as a married couple, and look at this adorable way his family greeted us:

We had game night that evening and relaxed most of the day on Saturday, but did a little shopping here and there. We caught up with Chris and Sarah and we all ate and drank our weight in beer and pizza at Waldo’s Pizza. Again, too much eating, no photos.

My wedding gift to Brett was a pair of Chiefs tickets and coincidentally, Sarah and Chris have season tickets and we were able to tailgate Sunday before (and after) the game. Photo time was totally on. Bask in the glory:

 Brett and I doing the tailgate thing

 Me and Sarah, whom I love

 At our seats

 With our treats

Game time baby! 

Outside the stadium, a little chilly at this point 

 The gang, cameo by other Sarah who looks cute even though she wasn’t really in the picture which is something I never manage to do. 
Brett and Chris… True lovers. 

Yay for a photo-full post of fun things! We did it!

Happy Thanksgiving!

If you’re me, and I am, you got up this morning and checked your reading list for new blog posts. So if you are me, and you’re reading this-

Happy Thanksgiving!

Brett and I are headed to a carry-in with my mom’s side of the family today up in Iowa and then we’ll relax for the rest of the afternoon. Tomorrow we are driving to Kansas City for family/friend/football time!

I’m gunna take a blogging break for the rest of the week but hopefully I’ll have so much fun I can do one of those “What We’ve Been Up To” posts that Rachel always does.


Here’s a picture of us being goofy at the wedding (this is my “thing I’m always thankful for”):

Photo credit Katie Day Photography 


So I’m a big fan of traditions. My own family (my nuclear one, anyway) growing up was kind of all over the place, so I don’t recall any regular traditions we had.  When I got the sense the Brett was around to stay, I latched onto making some our own traditions. Now that we are married? My mind is going into overdrive!

Lots of our traditions center around holidays, of course. When we put up our Christmas tree, usually shortly after Thanksgiving, we play lot Christmas music and eat one of those yummy Hickory Farms sausage and cheese baskets. On Christmas eve, we eat Chinese food and play games. On Christmas morning, we gorge ourselves on stuffed french toast and open presents together, just the two of us. (Can you tell that all of our traditions center around food?)

I can’t wait to start new traditions as a married couple and I’m particularly looking forward to the kid time in our lives when things like that become even more fun! (I’m definitely planning to implement the Mini Van Express on Christmas Eve!)

Earlier this week, Brett and I hit our one month anniversary. Married for one month! It’s a bit funny because neither one of us paid much attention to that (it was election day) because honestly, once you’ve been together for 5 years, a month goes by fast!

To the end of starting a new tradition, I decided we should write letters to one another, to be opened up on our first anniversary, a la time capsule. We each wrote a letter to ourselves one year from now. I am really looking forward to doing this each anniversary! While it first occurred to me that we should do letters at 5 year intervals or so, I realized that we might have some years where that’s just not soon enough!

I adore love letters. Brett and I have several boxes of letters, cards, love notes, coloring pages, and other little cutesy things we’ve given to each other over the course of our relationship. I feel reconnected to that moment, reconnected to Brett, and often, recommitted to our partnership when I read them again. Now that we live together, we write notes a whole lot less, so I want to start this a tradition as a way to make sure, at least once a year- we’ve got a love letter to read!

What traditions do you have? Do you have different ones as an adult that you had as a child? Did you carry any over?