Know Thy Self

I don’t know why I can’t figure myself out.

I mean, I’ve been myself for almost 25 years. You would think that in that time, I would have learned something about myself.

This is all to say my paleo challenge is going, well, it’s not going.

I am not one for programs. I am not one to say “I can always have this” or “I can never have this.”

This whole thing was probably a bad idea and instead of feeling guilty about not following through on it, I am going to say, “I tried it. Not for me.”

So technically this is another thing I am quitting, but in 8 days I have not had one single completely paleo day. It does not feel very realistic for me. So, I am going to take what I am calling the “Katie Day Approach”: Eat smart. Eat when you’re hungry. Eat what you know is good for you. Sometimes that is something that comes from a box that you put in the microwave. Sometimes it is fruit. Sometimes it is protein. Sometimes it is a damn carb.

I also lasted two days tracking my food.

Dedicated, huh?

I am working on getting some more realistic expectations in place for what I am capable of. I have also really slouched off posting my progress every Monday which I think was doing a really good job of keeping me accountable. I am going to get back to that.

This has been a post.

Paleo (Lite)


So April was a bust. No point in posting progress today because there was none. I actually gained back 2 pounds so it’s like April never even happened. Ya know what? I am okay with that. Let’s just say April never happened. I am not going to let it discourage me and I am not going to let it keep me from moving forward on this journey. Our Paleo challenge starts TODAY and I am not messing around.


So here’s how I’m messing around. (Ha). I like the basic structure of paleo, but like anything I need to make it a perfect fit for me. So here are a few things that I am planning to modify:

1.) Legumes are allowed. I love black beans and pinto beans. I think they are a great source of protein and a good meal filler. Peanuts are also technically legumes, but they are such a cheap snack (when unsalted) that I want to keep my options open.
2.) Some dairy. The need for dairy decreases quite a bit when you stop eating processed foods or baking, but I still want the option to have a glass of milk. I am also not going to cut out cheese entirely, but I do want to limit it.
3.) No expensive substitutions. No almond flour here. No coconut aminos. I am on a budget here people. I am going to do lots of shopping at our local farmer’s market, but grass-fed, organic whatsits is not always an option for me. When possible, I will be using the cheap stuff if called for.

So there you have it! I do plan to be quite strict on a few other things. One, just for this month- no alcohol unless it is a special occasion (which this month include a wedding and my husband’s birthday.) When I do drink it, I will do so lightly. Also, no bread, no buns, no pasta, no white potatoes. Lastly, back to the meal plan. My lesson in April was loud and clear-

Fail to plan, plan to fail. 

So we are getting back on track. I have a little over a month left until my 10K race. The weather is nice enough to start biking to work regularly. Kickboxing is now twice a week.

I see good things for May!



Whoa guys. Sorry for the out and out cold shoulder. I did NOT mean to let the blog go neglected for so long! This week I helped host 5 Brazilians on the Rotary Group Studies Exchange Team. It was amazing to get to know them and to hang out all week (a post for that later) but it kind of wiped me out!

Andre, Andrea, Nilo, Junior, and Pablo {My Brazilian Soul-mates}

But, now the Brazilians are on to their next stop and I am left to deal with the issue at hand: I have hit a major plateau. You know that 5 pounds that I miraculously lost a couple weeks ago? Well, that was a case of “too good to be true.” I must have stepped on the scale funny or something, because I am back up to the previous week’s weight. Which, let me remind you, was the same as the week before. That means, folks, that I have lost a total of ZERO total pounds in April.

Now, 22 pounds lost is nothing sniff at. It is certainly more weight than I have ever lost in any one attempt before. And, to make myself feel better, I’m going to stop by my trainer’s this afternoon and get some measurements done, so I can compare from when I started this whole process, back in November when I first started working out. My clothes fit a bit better and I feel good, so I know there has been progress. Amazing progress.

But I do not want to be done at 22. The weight I am at right now is not a healthy weight for my body and that is my ultimate goal. Health. So here is where I need your help! How do I get through this slump? My friend David gave me some really great advice about pushing through my running goals (no surprise: it is a mental game). But how can I hammer out some more weight loss? I need a victory here and a push to keep me going.

Next month, Brett and I are going paleo. We are going to give it the ole college try, and I have a post in mind for that as well. We are obviously going to modify it some to fit our needs! But more tips are definitely welcome! Should I journal for a week? A month? Should I incorporate smoothies? Should I work out in the morning? Night? Twice a day? <– Ha ha. I won’t be doing that but you get the idea.


April Food Resolutions

So March’s stab at February Food Resolutions was a little half-assed. No reason to lie here. I ate fast food several times. I went a little ham on my Minneapolis vacation. I did not really have them at the front of my mind and as such, they did less to guide me. Ah well. What it did do was indicate where I should loosen the reins and where I should tighten.


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Progress (7)

2 pounds

Pounds Lost This Week: 2
Total Lost: 22
Pounds Left to Goal: 28

So before I continue, an explanation is in order. I did not post a progress update last week. There were two reasons for that. They are:

1) I was in Minneapolis/St. Paul on Monday morning and did not have access to my bathroom scale.
2) I had eaten vacation-style all weekend and I knew I had gained weight and I rather than beat myself up, I figured I deserved a week to reset.

I hope no one feels like I was being dishonest or refusing to face the reality of my eating choices. But part of this process is learning how to accept myself and learning how to get back on track after a few missteps. My reset week was not exactly The Master Cleanse. The 2 pounds I lost since my last post took two weeks. The last bit of March was not my most disciplined time. I cheated on my food rules and I only worked out once or twice a week. I managed to make a little bit more progress, but I am using the last two weeks as an anecdote to remember what happens when too many things are competing for my focus.

Onward and upward toward April! Spring is coming and I have new food resolutions to share. Lent is over and it was a blessing to me again this year (a post on this to come). I also have a few more new goals for April (another post).  I am really looking forward to the new month and keeping up with my lifestyle changes! As always, thanks so much for following along.

A Good Husband

If I could offer another piece of useless advice to those who want to lose weight, it would be this: have a really good husband. I could devote an entire blog to how awesome Brett is, but for the sake of brevity, I will containing my gushing to the following post.

Having a support team is really important to achieve any goal. Humans are pack animals and we need our herd to be of one mind. Having that support team living in your house with you is even more important. Having a supportive spouse is something that I can take for granted. It is an element of our lives that we really only notice when it is not there. I have got it and I have been lucky enough to have always had it.

Last night, after kickboxing I came home to an awesome treat from Brett. I had mentioned wanting to eat mac and cheese when I lost 20 pounds and he hooked me up! We had mac and cheese with hot dogs and it was the very best junk food I have had in my life. He even printed up this great banner and hung it up in the kitchen, congratulating me on my success (complete with inside joke.)

hot dogs

junk food

One of my Valentine’s Day presents from Brett was a yearlong subscription to Brettflix! Brett plans a special movie and a dinner once a month. In February, he made jambalaya and we watched The Princess and the Frog. This month it was Flight of the Conchords and kabobs. (As in: “Let’s get in a cab, I’ll buy you a kebab! Now I can’t believe that I’m sharing a kebab with the most beautiful girl I have ever seen with a kebab.”)



As you can tell by the pictures, they were amazing! We ate so much. (Can you tell we express love through food?!)

Brett is constantly cheering me on. He is always telling me how well I am doing. He eats what I cook and he rarely complains (even if he does not always comply!) Spouses have a big influence on your lifestyle. Like all things, it can be done without all the pieces falling perfect into place, but it certainly only helps to have their support.

Lately, even though I move at a snail’s pace comparatively, Brett has been running with me. He makes dinner on Monday nights while I kickbox. He cheers me on when I feel crummy. He is really the best and he deserves all my thanks and appreciation on this journey.

Progress (6)

four pounds

Pounds Lost This Week: 4
Pounds Left to Goal: 30

As of this morning, I have officially lost 20 pounds. I don’t know about y’all, but I am PROUD of myself! Twenty pounds is a lot. It is six weeks of hard work. It is a good diet. It is frequent exercise. It is an amazing support system.

It also is not going hungry. It is not doing anything “exciting” or “trendy” or “amazing.” It is not working out for hours a time, every day of the week. It is not eliminating solid foods.

It is just doing what feels good for my body. It is what has always made sense all along. It is having the beer at dinner but not the french fries. It is the snack of frozen yogurt after the 2 mile run. It is biking back to work after lunch and dragging a friend to kick-boxing. It is enjoying the sunshine.

It feels good to have made progress. I am really happy about the changes that I have made and I have no intention of slowing down now. 20 pounds down, 30 to go.

Progress (5)

two pounds

Pounds Lost This Week: 2
Total Lost: 16
Pounds Left to Goal: 34

I felt like this photo was apt of my week because even though we got our Girl Scout Cookie order in, I still lost 2 pounds! Making reasonable choices is becoming more habitual for me. I have to think about it less and less. At dinner last night I had one small glass of wine and declined any more. It has been weeks since I have had second helpings of anything. I stocked up on a couple pints frozen Greek yogurt at the grocery store and have been surprised to find my sweet tooth satisfied after just a handful of bites.

I have started biking to and from work after my lunch break and have taken a couple longer (for me!) weekend rides which I think has help compensate for a not-so hyper vigilant workout schedule. I really like working out, but some days I just cannot get myself to make it happen so cycling has helped keep me active without much effort.

Brett has been really encouraging and is telling me that he can really see the difference. Which is a nice thing to say and I do not care if it is true at all or not. (He would interject here and say, “It IS true!”) We were talking about my recent lifestyle changes last week and I said something very confidently that I am not sure I have ever said before while trying to lose weight. I said, “will lose the 50 pounds. I have no doubt about that. But my goal is to have a healthier lifestyle.” I don’t know that I have been so assured of my success before and understood that achieving it will be a reality, not just a hope.

Yet here I sit, sure of my success. I know I will see the other side of 50 pounds (and ultimately my goal is more) and think, “Oh gosh, remember when I was doing all of that for the first time?” I know I will be the runner, hiker, cyclist, paddler, kick-boxer, climber, swimmer of my dreams. I am getting better and I am feeling better. Confidently.

Sustainability (Part Two)


I’ve written about sustainability before. You can read my first go round with it here. Simplicity and sustainability are ways of life that I hope to always cultivate. It has been fairly apparent that in my work life I should focus on a schedule and on commitments that are simple and sustainable. Naturally, I’m uncovering that same message as I “rehab” (if you will) my health.
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Progress (4)

one pound

Pounds Lost This Week: 1
Total Lost: 14
Pounds Left to Goal: 36

This was the week of being snowed in. This was the week of making a bad choice and then trying to overcompensate. This was the week of not really having a plan. This was the week of understanding that I need to change “UGH I’m trying to lose weight which means I have to be a hyper-vigilant hose beast,” into “I’m cultivating health, for my lifetime, and these are the choices I’ll be making in order to do so.” 

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