Glow Run 5K

So a few weekends ago now, my friend Kimber and I drove up to Des Moines to run in the Glow Run 5K with my cousin Jer. I sort of planned it as a pre-Hospital Hill race experience, to encourage me and keep me going. It, uhm, did not go as planned. Basically, we ate a huge meal at a German restaurant before the race, drank a ton of beer, got pretty toasted, had to pee super bad during the middle of the race, cut through an alley and ended up reconnecting with the race at the finish line. A well-run race it was not. However, I did run 3.1 miles at home the next day to soothe my guilty conscience.

Here is my photo essay.



So apparently a liter is kind of big. IMG_4204





It took us forever to drink. It was almost painful.




Finally finished.


The race started at the Science Center. This created many photo ops.




So, we started to take this photo and it turned out really bad. We decided just to make it a bad photo, in that case.


Have you ever gotten out your phone to take a pic and you’ve forgotten it’s in the forward facing mode? Yeah, so have I.










There were over 12,000 people there. Tasty.IMG_4239


My “finishers” medal


On our detour


IMG_4255That’s me. A Star.

On Wanderlust

fatty advice

It should be no surprise that I love to travel. It is probably one of the most primary passions I have in my life. It’s also one of the first ways that I connected with Brett. Before we met, we had both done quite a bit of traveling around the US and after we started dating, we traveled together almost immediately.

Traveling helps Brett and I feel closer and more in sync with each other. It brings us together in a way that can’t be replicated inside the walls of our apartment.

We also recognize the benefits traveling has on our own persons. I feel more connected to the world. I feel like I understand myself better. I feel more educated, more empathetic.

Another, somewhat unlikely outcome? I feel content.

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I got the best Christmas present EVER this year. Seriously, it was one of the best presents I’ve ever gotten.

Brett got me two tickets to see Rihanna in St Paul in March. My bestie Amanda and her boyfriend Andy are going to join us and Andy is going to keep Brett company while Amanda and I go twerk to Rihanna and A$AP Rocky. Jeesh. I’m so jazzed.
Of course, I immediately started losing my nut about what to wear. I went to the only place I know in times of outfit crisis: Polyvore.
I’m kind of OCD when it comes to Polyvore stuff. I only include items in my sets that I could actually afford, in my size. I’ll occasionally include $500 heels in an outfit for a chuckle, but rarely.
So find below, three outfit options. I’ll take suggestions and ideas. I looked for clothes that were comfortable, stylish, and of course, provided the greatest range of motion.

Saint Louis

This weekend Brett and I went to St Louis to see our bestie Mary, who we met and fell in love with during our brief time together at Missouri State. She was a bridesmaid in the wedding and has known Brett and I as long as there as been a “Brett and I.”
Our visit coincided with The Loop Ice Carnival Pub Crawl and that event is virtually responsible for everything that follows. We had so. much. fun.
We started at Pi Pizzeria for lunch. I had a Schlafly Kolsh that could be my new favorite beer.


So, one of the huge advantages of my new position at work being part time is that my schedule is pretty flexible. And since it’s my first year of marriage and all (you guys know I got recently married, right?) I basically want to spend EVERY LIVING MINUTE with Brett. So when he told me a couple months ago he had a short work trip to Bloomington, Indiana planned, I was all, “I’M COMING WITH.” (Enter SVU “dun dun” here.)

Bloomington is only about 7 hours from Kirksville so we left Friday morning and got back on Sunday evening. Brett’s event was Saturday and I basically vegged in the hotel room doing crossword puzzles on the iPad and watching extremely edited raunch-coms on USA. What is interesting is everything other than those moments. What did we do in everything other than those moments? EAT.

We have friends who love Bloomington. Our pal Jason got his PhD at Indiana University (do I get credit for having a friend with a PhD? I want credit.) and he and his wife Erin had lists of suggestions for us. On some of Brett’s longer trips, he loses the energy to seek out a local establishment every night (and who could blame him) so we wanted to take advantage of the easy commute to tasty places (our hotel was SO close to downtown), good company (hello- ME!), and trust-worthy recommendations.

Friday night took us to The Upland Brewing Company. As expected, it offered totally delicious pub fare (I had fish and chips and Brett tackled their Reuben) and their brews were very tasty.

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Back in the Saddle

Well I’ve returned to the world of blogging. Won’t lie- it was a nice vacation. BUT! Now I’m back and I’m totally ready to over-share and under-perform for my captive audience.

Isn’t Thanksgiving the bomb? Or da bomb, rather. I just love it. So much food. So much family. I love my Iowa family and I don’t get up to see them enough so when I do, it’s a great treat. Food was awesome and I was so busy eating I neglected to take any photos.

Friday we drove to Kansas City to be with Brett’s family for the rest of the weekend. It was our first trip to KC as a married couple, and look at this adorable way his family greeted us:

We had game night that evening and relaxed most of the day on Saturday, but did a little shopping here and there. We caught up with Chris and Sarah and we all ate and drank our weight in beer and pizza at Waldo’s Pizza. Again, too much eating, no photos.

My wedding gift to Brett was a pair of Chiefs tickets and coincidentally, Sarah and Chris have season tickets and we were able to tailgate Sunday before (and after) the game. Photo time was totally on. Bask in the glory:

 Brett and I doing the tailgate thing

 Me and Sarah, whom I love

 At our seats

 With our treats

Game time baby! 

Outside the stadium, a little chilly at this point 

 The gang, cameo by other Sarah who looks cute even though she wasn’t really in the picture which is something I never manage to do. 
Brett and Chris… True lovers. 

Yay for a photo-full post of fun things! We did it!

Moonin’: Friday

We’ve got noticeably less photos from Friday, but to be fair- by this point we were completely exhausted. We did only a handful of rides and left the park relatively early. When we go back (years and years from now!) I’d want to give this park lots more attention. We did snag a delicious dinner at a restaurant called Sanaa in the adjacent resort, Kidani Village on Friday night and it made a really nice end cap to our trip.

We left mid morning on Saturday and flew into a bit of a storm in Kansas City that made our landing a bit rough, but the trip home was relatively easy and painless. The settling in journey begins now!

In the lobby that morning 

The Finding Nemo Musical Show.. This and the Festival of the Lion King show were both amazeballs. 
Dino Ride!

Mickey at the Jungle Parade

Before Dinner

A giraffe right outside the restaurant 

My many colored cocktail! 

Farewell Animal Kingdom Lodge! 

Moonin’: Thursday

Thursday was probably one of my favorite days of the trip. I loved Epcot. Love Love Loved.

First of all, Smash Mouth was playing a concert there which was basically a comedy goldmine for Brett and I. We got our photos taken with lots of characters and rode a few rides in the morning, but it was the second half of the day that I enjoyed so much. Epcot was hosting the International Food and Wine Festival in its World Showcase portion of the park.

The pavilions for each country were just awesome. I loved all the shops and the staging and it really ignited my passion to travel to each of those places for real! We ended our night with a delicious Mexican meal and watched their light show- Illuminations from the restaurant. Too legit.

Good Morning!

Chip and Dale

The Mouse!



Donald congratulating Brett…

He was appropriately impressed with the ring!

Canada Pavilion 

Brett in front of some United Kingdom scenery with his Guinness 

With a Belgian beer 
In front of some Moroccan Scenery 

Morocco was one of my favorite pavilions 

Going local

There’s a joke I wasn’t there for in this photo. 

A troll in Norway!
Brett the Red

Brett doing the “Here I Am” pose at the Mexican Pavilion